Determining the Revenue Requirement for Multi-Jurisdictional Investor-Owned Utilities

The multi-jurisdictional utilities (Bear Valley Electric Services, PacifiCorp, and Liberty Utilities) operate on a smaller scale compared to the three major investor owned utilities (IOUs).  Like the major IOUs, Bear Valley, PacifiCorp and Liberty file General Rate Case (GRC) applications requesting authority to recover in rates the cost to own, operate, and maintain the facilities needed to deliver electricity safely and reliably to customers.  However, authority to recover in rates the cost of purchasing fuel and power is not granted in an Energy Resource Recovery Account (ERRA) proceeding; rather, it is done differently for each multi-jurisdictional IOU: 


  • PacifiCorp files Energy Cost Adjustment Clause (ECAC) applications every year. 
  • Liberty files an ECAC application only when its total ECAC revenues are expected to deviate by more than 5% from the revenues collected through its current ECAC rates. 
  • Bear Valley files a Supply Adjustment Mechanism no more than once per year to recover in rates the most current estimate of its fuel and purchased power costs.  


 In addition to the above proceedings, there are others that approve smaller amounts of revenues, such as those for Public Purpose Programs like CARE.  

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