CASF Applications Project Summaries

NOTICE:  Applications for CASF Infrastructure Grant and Loan funding will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning December 1, 2014 (currently no end date identified).  The following list and linked maps are updated as new applications and related materials are reviewed in accordance with CASF Program rules.  
Proposed project locations can be found on the California Interactive Broadband Map by clicking on the Layers icon and expanding the Broadband Grants layer.  This map will be updated on a monthly basis to show applications received from prior months. 
Below are project posting dates for which Challenges are due to 14 calendar days later.


As of February 7, 2018 (underserved areas)

 Frontier - Desert Shores      Project Summary    Map

As of December 13, 2017 (underserved areas)

Inyo Networks - Bolinas Gigabit Network     Project Summary    Map

As of November 21, 2017 (unserved areas)

Frontier - Lytle Creek    Project Summary    Map

 As of June 14, 2017 (underserved areas)

Anza Electric - Connect Anza Phase 2    Project Summary    Map

As of January 12, 2017 (underserved areas)

CalNeva Broadband - RCF-CH Gigabit Project   Project Summary    Map

As of September 26, 2016 (underserved areas)

Race Telecommunications - Gigafy Phelan (Amended)  Project Summary    Map Informal Comments/ Letters Received During Comment Period 
UIA - Phelan-Piñon Hills (Amended)  Project Summary    Map   

As of August 16, 2016 (underserved areas)

 Renegade - Vandyland  

 Project Summary


As of March 17, 2016 (underserved areas)

 Citizens (Frontier) Shingletown

 Project Summary


As of January 26, 2016 (underserved areas)

UIA Phelan-Piñon Hills (Amended September 2016)  Project Summary     Map  

As of December 24, 2015 (underserved areas)

 Race Gigafy Occidental   Project Summary     Map  

As of November 24, 2015 (underserved areas)

Inyo Networks Nicasio Broadband Project Summary    Map
LCB Communications Light Saber   Project Summary    Map 

As of November 13, 2015 (underserved and unserved areas)

 Inyo Networks Alpine Peaks (Denied on October 25, 2016) Project Summary          Map Speed Test Data 
Siskiyou Telephone Happy Camp to Somes Bar Fiber   Project Summary          Map  

As of September 29, 2015 (underserved areas)

 Surfnet Communications - Las Cumbres   Project Summary    Map  

As of September 9, 2015 (underserved areas)

 Ducor Telephone Pacific Crest Withdrawn on July 13, 2017 Project Summary   Map 

As of August 10, 2015 (unserved and underserved areas)

Inyo Networks Digital 299 Project Summary        Map
Race Telecommunications - Gigafy Phelan (Amended September 2016) Project Summary Map  

As of July 17, 2015 (underserved areas)

Anza Electric Cooperative - Anza Connect Project Summary     Map

As of June 3, 2015 (unserved and underserved areas)

Inyo Networks South Inyo     (Denied on February 8, 2016)    Project Summary     Map
Inyo Networks Trans Sierra     Project Summary     Map

As of April 9, 2015 (unserved and underserved areas)

CalNet Amador - Calaveras - Alpine                Project Summary Map
CalNet El Dorado North                Project Summary Map
CalNet El Dorado South and East                Project Summary  Map
CalNet Tuolumne - Mariposa                Project Summary   Map

As of March 4, 2015 (underserved areas)

Sea Ranch   (Denied on January 27, 2016)            Project Summary    Map
Plumas Sierra Last Mile    (Withdrawn on December 23, 2015)     Project Summary  Map

As of February 17th, 2015 (underserved areas)

Frontier Petrolia              Project Summary  Map 

As of January 5, 2015 (unserved, underserved & hybrid areas)

 Race Telecommunications - Gigafy Backus Project Summary  Map
 Race Telecommunications - Gigafy North 395 Project Summary Map
 Race Telecommunications - Gigafy Mono Project Summary Map - Location 1
    Map - Location 2
    Map - Location 3

As of December 15, 2014 (unserved, underserved & hybrid areas)

Ultimate Internet Access - Helendale     Project Summary Map
Ultimate Internet Access - Wrightwood    Project Summary Map
Race Telecommunications - Five Mining Communities  Project Summary Map - Location 1
    Map - Location 2

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