Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Rate Programs

The CPUC facilitates the deployment of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) and their supporting infrastructure to develop and commercialize the transportation technologies that are essential to achieve California’s renewable energy, air quality, and climate change goals. Appropriate rates for electric ZEVs are an important component to any ZEV policy. Links to utilities' ZEV-specific tariffs can be found below:


  • SDG&E offers two options for residential EV customers: 
    •  EV-TOU requires a separate meter for a customer's EV charging equipment.
    •  EV-TOU-2 uses a customer's existing smart meter for the electric vehicle charging equipement.
  • SCE provides a rate calculator for customers to choose the best rate for them. They offer a special rate for residential customers that use a separate meter for their EV charging equipment.
  • PG&E provides a detailed breakdown of their EV rate offerings on its website. It also provides a rate calculator for residential customers. The full tariff language of its EV-specific rates is also provided.


  • SCE offers two commercial rate options:
    • TOU-EV-3 is available for customers that do not exceed a 20kW monthly maximum load. Option A of this rate has no demand charges but higher volumetric pricing. Option B includes demand charges with lower volumetric pricing.
    • TOU-EV-4 is available for customers that have a monthly maximum load of more than 20kW but no more than 500kW.
  •  PG&E and SDG&E do not currently offer any commercial EV rates.

ZEV programs are administered by the Emerging Procurement section in Procurement Strategy and Oversight branch in Energy Division at the CPUC. A comprehensive description of the program and policy history can be found on that section's website.


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