The approximately 140 member staff of the California Public Utilities Commission's Energy Division administers the policies that guide California’s nation-leading efforts in energy efficiency, customer-side energy generation, renewable energy, and the fight against climate change. Among many other initiatives, we will be working to implement Senate Bill (SB) 350, the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015, which codifies the goals to double the rate of energy efficiency savings in California buildings and to generate half of the state’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

To support Energy Division’s legal mandates, we hire professionals with backgrounds in many fields including Public Policy, Public Administration, Economics, Finance, Political Science, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Law, and Business. We hire professionals with various levels of education and experience (BAs, MPAs, MBAs, and PhDs). These professionals fill various levels of Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst (PURA) and Utilities Engineer job classifications.

Before you are selected to become an Energy Division Professional, you will compete in an open, competitive civil service examination process, to establish eligibility for your targeted employment classification (generally PURA or Utilities Engineer).

Please contact Ann Christina Rothchild at or 415.703.2593 with any questions.

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