Gas Utilities Safety Plans


Natural gas operators were required to submit Gas Utilities Safety Plans as required by Public Utilities Code Sections 961 and 963 under CPUC Decision 12-04-010.

Decision 12-12-30 - Decision Mandating Pipeline Safety Implementation Plan (PG&E only)

Decision 12-04-010 - Decision Amending Scope of Rulemaking 11-02-019 and Adding Respondents (Gas Utilities Safety Plans)


Gas Utilities Safety Plans
Natural Gas Company Safety Plan Filling
Alpine Natural Gas    View the plan  
Central Valley Gas Storage View the plan
Gill Ranch Storage View the plan
Lodi Gas Storage View the plan
Pacific Gas & Electric View the plan
San Diego Gas & Electic View the plan
Southwest Gas Corporation View the plan
Southern California Gas Company View the plan
Southern California Edison View the plan
West Coast Gas Inc. View the plan
Wild Goose Gas Storage View the plan 


Other Pipeline Related Reports

 July 6, 2015: Exponent Report - PG&E Line 118-B Fresno In-Service Rupture Analysis

 March 18, 2015: Staff Report on Natural Gas Leakage Abatement Best Practices

 June 11, 2014: Hazard Analysis and Mitigation Report on Aldyl A Polyethylene Gas Pipelines 

  Decisions, Resolutions and other Bills affecting Pipeline Safety

CPUC Decision Implementing a Safety Enhancement Plan for SDG&E and SoCalGas 

CPUC Resolution L-430 Authorizing Disclosure of Records of CPUC's CPSD Investigation or Audits relating to PG&E Leak Surveys and/or the effectiveness  of PG&E's External Corrosion Direct Assessment Program

 Resolution L-430 Related Documents

Senate Bill 44 - Gas Pipeline Emergency Response Procedures

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