TNC Permits Issued 

To Check a TNC’s insurance and current status, visit


ExecutiveRide, LLC (TCP 34171) - DBA: Opoli

Lyft, Inc. (TCP 32513) - DBA: Lyft

Rasier-CA,LLC (TCP 32512) – doing business on the Uber app (e.g., UberX, UberSUV, and other Uber Platforms)

Ride Plus, LLC (TCP 36311) - DBA: Provado Mobile Health

See Jane Go Inc. (TCP 36697)

Silver Ride LLC (TCP 21471)

Sitbaq Inc. (TCP 37070)

SocialDrv, LLC (TCP 37132)

Wingz, Inc. (TCP 32514)  - DBA: Wingz

Altruistic Inc (TCP 36965)  - DBA: Bounce

Ainos (TCP 37333) - DBA: Witz

MVN 2 LLC (TCP 37589)

TNCs that transport minors

The following TNCs use drivers that register with Trustline, which includes a fingerprint-based background check and meeting the same criminal history record criteria as licensed childcare providers

Dolightful, Inc. (TCP 35591) - DBA: Kango

HopSkipDrive, Inc. (TCP 34668)

ZumServices, Inc (previously Liftee) (TCP 35590)

Active Scaler Inc (TCP 37936) - DBA: Tagsi

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