Rulemaking to Conduct a Comprehensive Examination of the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) (R.13-01-010)

This Rulemaking was issued by the CPUC on January 31, 2013, to examine whether the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) is fulfilling its purpose and whether the CTF’s current structure and administrative process are adequate to further the programs goals. The CPUC also reaffirmed its commitment to bringing the benefits of advanced communications services to all Californians, while also ensuring that California ratepayer money is spent prudently.

Rulemaking Status Update

The Commission adopted new rules for the California Teleconnect Fund on July 23, 2015. Decision D.15-07-007 outlines these new rules, which are summarized in the decision’s Ordering Paragraphs. The new rules for applications will be put into practice after the Commission adopts new administrative procedures for the CTF program. Until the new administrative procedures are adopted, staff will review new Teleconnect Fund applications under the rules prior to D.15-07-007. You can follow the progress of the rulemaking at the CPUC Proceedings website.

Proceeding Information 


Phase II Workshop Presentations




Note that comments may be submitted via this webpage by Community Based Organizations and others who are not formal Parties to this proceeding but would like their comments considered. Click here to access the electronic form to submit comments. 

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table of dates





Prehearing Conference 


November 17, 2015 


Initial Comments on Issues 1 & 2 


January 15, 2016 


Reply Comments on Issues 1 & 2 


January 29, 2016 


Workshop on Issue 2 


TBD, if applicable 


Proposed Decision on Issues 1 & 2  


Spring 2016 


Initial Comments on Issues 3 through 11 


April 8, 2016 


Reply Comments on Issues 3 through 11 


May 6, 2016 


Potential Workshop on Issues 3 through 11 


TBD, if applicable 


Proposed Decision on Issues 3 through 11 





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