California Teleconnect Fund

Who is eligible to receive the CTF discount?

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The following is an overview of eligibility requirements and information:

Schools & School Districts

  • Public or nonprofit private schools
  • Located in California
  • Providing elementary or secondary education (K - 12)
  • Annual endowments under $50 million
  • Must have active County District School Code Number


  • Located in California
  • Eligible to participate in state-based plans for funds under Title III of the Library Services and Technology Act

Hospitals & Health Clinics

  • Located in California
  • Owned and operated by a municipal, county government, or a hospital district
  • Some that do not meet the above “owned and operated” requirement may qualify as a Community Based Organization (see below)

Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

  • Located in California
  • Serve communities in California
  • Tax-exempt, as described in Section 501(c)(3) or 501(d) of the Internal Revenue Code, Title 26
  • Directly offer one of the following services to the community: health care, job training, job placement, 2-1-1 referral services, educational instruction, or a community technology program
  • Total revenue (as reported on a Form 990) does not exceed $50 million
  • For organizations offering health care, all members of the organization’s board of directors members must reside within California

Community Colleges

  • Located in California
  • Must submit an application with current Management Information System code

California Telehealth Network (CTN)

  • Located in California
  • The CTN is eligible (as a consortium) to receive the discount on CTF-eligible CTN-related services only
  • Individual participants of the CTN can submit an independent application in attempt to receive the discount on non-CTN related services
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