2009 Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report

Energy Division presents in this report the accomplishments of California's four largest Investor Owned Utilities' (IOUs) [Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDGE) and Southern California Gas (SCG)] energy efficiency program activities for the 2008 Bridge Funding Period.  The Commission authorized the Bridge Funding Period as a one-year extension of certain 2006-2008 energy efficiency programs whiles program planning for 2010-2012 continued through the year.  During the 2009 Bridge Funding Period, the IOUs implemented a subset of energy efficiency programs featured in 2006-2008, either directly or through third parties, in multiple market sectors, including residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural, via monetary incentives and other program interventions.  In 2009, the IOUs were also credited with savings attributable to CFLs purchased during the 2006-2008 program cycle but not installed until 2009.

The California Public Utilities Commission directed its Energy Division to evaluate the 2006-2008 programs and verify the resulting energy savings and demand reductions.  These results are included in the sector-specific evaluation reports finalized in February 2010 and the subsequent 2006-2008 Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report finalized in July 2010.  The 2006-2008 evaluation marked the first time the IOUs' portfolios of energy efficiency programs were evaluated using consistent methods laid out in the California Energy Efficiency Evaluation Protocols and the first time consistent data sets were compiled across IOUs at the technology or measure level.  The results of the evaluation studies from the foundation for systematic updates to the utility-reported savings assumptions used to estimate portfolio and program savings and cost effectiveness.  The Commission directed Energy Division to apply these updated savings assumptions to the IOUs' reported savings for the 2009 Bridge Funding Period; consequently, the evaluated savings estimates presented in this report were developed from field measurements taken for the 2006-2008 evaluations after the efficiency measures were installed.  The evaluated savings reflect the conditions observed in the field during or shortly after program completion and differ from the savings estimates reported by the utilities, which are based on assumptions developed prior to the implementation of the 2006-2008 program cycle .

Final 2009 Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report (January 14, 2011)

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