CPUC Makes Modifications to Solar Program

On July 14, 2011, the CPUC modified aspects of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program.

The CPUC's decision expanded the types of customers eligible for Virtual Net Metering (VNM), which was first established as part of the Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program. When first established, VNM allowed customers to allocate electricity generated from a single solar energy system as kilowatt hour credits to other accounts on the affordable housing property. The decision directs Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, and San Diego Gas and Electric Company to file tariffs to allow any multitenant property to utilize VNM, not just affordable housing properties.

A second VNM change made by the decision applies to VNM offered through the MASH Program and allows VNM credits to be shared throughout an entire affordable housing property, as long as the property is on contiguous parcels and under common ownership.

The decision also makes a number of minor modifications to the CSI program including guidelines for application processing, project completion reports, inspection requirements, suspension procedures, performance monitoring and reporting service rules, and CSI budget components.

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