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Proposed Decision


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Proposed Reference System Plan

All Party Meeting - 11/02/17


ALJ Ruling and Attachments - 9/19/17

Documents and Attachments

Workshop - 9/25/17


Presentation Slides - EnergyDivision
Presentation Slides - CAISO  

Recording Day 1
Recording Day 2

Modeling Advisory Group

Webinar 6 - 2/22/18

 MAG Webinar 6 – Draft Proposed GHG Accounting Methodology
 MAG Webinar 6 – GHG Emissions Calculator for IRP 

 Office Hours 4 – 10/24/2017

MAG Office Hours 4 – Announcement
MAG Office Hours 4 – Submitted Questions
MAG Office Hours 4 – Webinar Recording (warning: large file size)

See details on past and future office hours

Webinar 5 - 9/6/17

MAG Webinar 5 – Slides presenting draft staff proposal for IRP production cost modeling
MAG Webinar 5 – Draft version of staff proposal for IRP production cost modeling 
MAG Webinar 5 – Audio Recording
MAG Webinar 5 – Background reading material on production cost modeling related to CPUC processes
MAG Webinar 5 – Responses to emailed questions following webinar conclusion  

Previous MAG Webinars and Workshops

Presentations and Materials 

Modeling Requested by Parties

Instructions and Forms - 8/24/17

Instructions for Requesting a RESOLVE Case Run

Case Run Request Form - Updated 9/20/17

Requested Modeling Results

Preliminary Modeling Results

Results and Attachments - 7/19/17

Workshop on Preliminary RESOLVE Modeling Results

Preliminary Results

Proposal for Implementing IRP

ALJ Ruling and Attachments - 5/16/17

Documents and Attachments

Informational Webinar on the Proposal for Implementing IRP - 5/24/17

Presentation Slides

Audio Recording  

Informational Webinar Technical Aspects of the Proposal for Implementing IRP - 6/07/17

Answers to Emailed Technical Questions

Audio Recording

GHG Planning Targets

IRP Draft Assumptions

Scenario Development

Modeling Advisory Group

Staff Concept Paper and Accompanying Workshops



Immigration Guide