Guidelines for Middle-Mile Facility Data Submission

This Data Request will be sent to California broadband providers on or before December 31st 2016 outlining instructions in our data collection process. Please submit your data in accordance with the data request instructions by the submission deadline.



Data current as of ...  

CPUC Deadline for Submission  


December 31, 2016 

January 31, 2017 

Who should submit data?

All communications providers certificated and/or registered with the Commission and/or their affiliates, that provide transport, special access or other wholesale services to other providers using their networks (owned or leased), or provide such functions for themselves or their affiliates.

How to submit data?

Any Questions?

Formats for Data Submission

Please submit your Middle-Mile Data in one of the following GIS formats:

  1. Shapefiles
    • Middle Mile Connection Points:                    Data Format
    • Middle Mile Network Connection Lines:       Data Format


  2. File Geodatabase

           Please download and use the File Geodatabase  

The GIS data files must contain all the fields provided in the Data Formats above.

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