Energy Resource Modeling Projects 

This page lists modeling and other analytical work products categorized by project area.  Projects are typically associated with a specific CPUC proceeding. 

Resource Adequacy Modeling and Analytics 


Peak Shift Analysis  

Presented at a Demand Analysis Working Group (DAWG) meeting Nov 3, 2016  

Exceedance Analysis

Coming soon

IRP Modeling and Analytics 

Go to the IRP Modeling Advisory Group home page to track the informal process for discussing the modeling and analytics informing the IRP proceeding.

Guide to Production Cost Modeling in the IRP Proceeding (Attachment B to D.18-02-018)

Coming soon: Unified Inputs and Assumptions for RA and IRP PCM Modeling (final version)

21st Century Energy Systems (CES-21) Project Documents  

For background, the final report, and data, go to the IRP Modeling Advisory Group home page and see the files listed under the heading “Workshop 1 – 8/15/2017

Jan 6, 2016 workshop  

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