California Solar Initiative Workshops 2011

  • December 8, 2011  1:00 p.m.:  Workshop on Expansion of Virtual Net Energy Metering to General Market Customers

    Under the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Multi-family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program, the CPUC authorized utility tariffs for Virtual Net Energy Metering (VNM).  VNM enabled allocation of bill credits from a solar PV system across multiple benefitting account meters in an eligible affordable housing complex.  In recent modifications to the CSI program in D.11-07-031, the CPUC directed PG&E, SCE and SDG&E to file advice letters to expand VNM eligibility to all "residential, commercial and industrial multi-tenant and multi-meter properties, with the limitation that sharing of bill credits can only occur for accounts served by a single [service delivery point]."  (Ordering Paragraph 2.)  This workshop discusses the advice letters that were filed by the utilities (PG&E 3902-E; SCE 2625-E; SDG&E 2286-E) as well as protested points and unresolved issues.  
  • August 3, 2011  10:00 a.m.:  Workshop on CSI-Thermal Market Facilitation Component

    In June 2011, the CSI-Thermal Program Administrators selected Fraser Communications to conduct a statewide marketing campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of the benefits solar water heating.  At the same time, the PAs are finalizing their plans to conduct local market facilitation activities in the own service territories.  At this workshop, Fraser and the PAs will present their approach to the statewide campaign and the local market facilitation activities.  The workshop will provide Energy Division and interested members of the public the opportunity to hear the plans, ask questions, and offer feedback.  In particular, Energy Division wishes to identify any potential objections to the proposed approach early in order to avoid protests when the PAs formally file their plans.  
  • February 23, 2011  9:30 a.m.:  Workshop on opening the CSI-Thermal Program to new technologies

    This workshop will provide parties the opportunity to provide input on the challenges and opportunities involved in opening the CSI-Thermal Program to new technologies and end-use applications.  Currently, the CSI-Thermal program only offers rebates to technologies producing hot water that is directly consumed as an end use.  At the workshop, will discuss opening the program to other technologies and end uses, including space heating, solar cooling  and process heat .  The workshop will focus on the challenges that will need to be overcome to include these technologies in the program, primarily the development of system design standards and calculation of incentive payments.  Part of the day will be dedicated to the possibility of creating a "Performance-based Incentive" option by which systems would be paid based on actual energy savings.

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