Direct Access Implementation Activity Reports

When Direct Access was being implemented (D97-05-040), the Commission directed California's investor-owned utilities to submit monthly reports regarding their direct access implementation activities. Each month's reports were due to be filed by the 15th of the next month, and included the month's activities, consisting of the following:  

1. The number of direct access requests received;

2. The number of requests processed;

3. The number of customers switched to direct access;

4. The number of customers switching direct access providers;

5. A breakdown of the above data by customer class;

6. The average backlog of requests during the month; 

7. The number of customers who request a return to their original utility's service from direct access.

Current 2017 and 2016 Reports:

To view the Statewide Direct Access Load Graph (7/15/18) click here

Direct Access Implementation Activity Reports



   2018 Reporting Period   



    Statewide Market Summary Reports     



    Summary Reports      


 Jan Jan 2018 web.xls ToDate Jan2018 
 Feb Feb_2018_web.xls ToDate_Feb2018
 Mar Mar_2018_web.xls ToDate_Mar 2018_web
Apr Apr_2018_web.xls ToDate_Apr_2018_web
  May  May_2018_web.xls ToDate_May_2018_web
Jun Jun_2018_web.xls ToDate_Jun_2018_web
Jul Jul_2018_web_xls ToDate_Jul_2018_web




   2017 Reporting Period   



    Statewide Market Summary Reports     



    Summary Reports      


 Jan Jan 2017 web.xls ToDate Jan2017
 Feb Feb2017 web.xls ToDate Feb2017
 Mar Mar 2017 web.xls ToDate Mar2017
 Apr Apr 2017 web.xls ToDate Apr2017
 May May 2017 web.xls ToDate May2017
 Jun Jun 2017 web.xls ToDate Jun2017
 Jul Jul 2017 web.xls ToDate Jul2017
 Aug Aug_2017_web.xls ToDate_Aug2017
 Sep Sep_2017_web.xls ToDate_Sep2017
 Oct Oct_2017_web.xls ToDate_Oct2017
 Nov Nov_2017_web.xls ToDate_Nov2017
 Dec Dec_2017_web.xls ToDate_Dec2017


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