November 2018 Wildfires



The CPUC is monitoring the tragic fire conditions throughout the state that began in November 2018, in coordination with our partners from CAL FIRE and Cal OES.

CPUC staff will incorporate PG&E's Nov. 8, 2018 incident report for the Camp Fire and its second Camp Fire incident report of Nov. 16, 2018, and Southern California Edison's Nov. 8, 2018 incident report for the Woolsey Fire into its staff investigations to assess the compliance of electric facilities with applicable rules and regulations in fire impacted areas (CAL FIRE determines the sources of ignition of the fires and the way that the fires spread). The CPUC staff investigations may include an inspection of the fire sites once CAL FIRE allows access, as well as maintenance of facilities, vegetation management, and emergency preparedness and response.

The CPUC works closely with CAL FIRE and Cal OES through Memorandums of Understanding that deal with how the agencies coordinate on response to fires and investigations.

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