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    On March 2, 2006, the PUC adopted a Consumer Protection Initiative to empower consumers and prevent fraud in the rapidly changing telecommunications industry.  The initiative launches a multilingual consumer education program that includes a website called CalPhoneInfo, creates a Consumer Fraud Unit to step up our enforcement activities, and expands the PUC's toll-free hotline (1-800-649-7570) for consumer complaints against wireless and other carriers. Read our press release on CalPhoneInfo.


    • Need more information on our California LifeLine program, which provides discounted basic residential telephone services to low-income households?

    The California LifeLine Telephone Program also known as the Universal Lifeline Telephone Service or ULTS has gone through some administrative changes over the past year. Consumers need to know two important things. First, the name change. California LifeLine is ULTS. Second, while your telephone company will enroll you and provide you with your telephone service, it is California LifeLine that will certify and verify your eligibility. You will receive forms from California LifeLine, in a PINK envelope, when you initially apply to the program and then on an annual basis. You must complete and sign these form and return them along with any required documentation to California LifeLine. This page provides you with more information.

    Interested in our other Public Programs, such as our:

      • Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program, which offers programs and assistance for California residents who are deaf, hearing impaired and/or disabled
      • California Teleconnect Fund that provides 50% discount on selected telecommunications services to qualifying schools, libraries, government-owned and operated hospitals and health clinics, and community based organizations.
      • Public Policy Payphone Program, which works to place payphones in emergency gathering places or where residents cannot individually subscribe to telephone service because of unavailability of facilities.

    Looking For More Information…

    … on surcharges, taxes, fees or tariffs; PUC reports and presentations related to the telecommunications industry; and prepaid phone cards?

    ...on our "hot" telecommunications cases?