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Insurance Requirements for TNCs


Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) are required to maintain the following types of insurance:


  • Commercial liability insurance providing not less than $1,000,000 (one million dollars) per incident coverage for incidents involving vehicles and drivers while they are providing TNC services.

The insurance coverage must be available to cover claims regardless of whether a TNC driver maintains insurance adequate to cover any portion of the claim.


This insurance requirement must be disclosed on each TNC’s app and website.


Each TNC must file its insurance policies under seal with the CPUC as part of applying for a license.  The license for the TNC will automatically expire upon expiration of the insurance policy, unless and until the TNC provides an updated insurance policy and applies to renew its license.


Each TNC must file its unredacted certificate of insurance with the CPUC.  The unredacted certificate of insurance will be made public.


See TNC Licenses Issued and Proof of Insurance



Last Modified: 7/17/2014

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