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Intervenor Compensation

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The Intervenor Compensation PROGRAM


Applying for Intervenor Compensation

The Intervenor Compensation (Icomp) Program Guide is a resource intending to help intervenors understand the requirements needed to file for intervenor compensation. Please follow the guide when applying for intervenor compensation.



Guiding Decisions

Program Reports

Different aspects of the Intervenor Compensation Program have been addressed in the following decisions and resolutions:
  • Important guidelines for intervenors that intend to request compensation, can be found in Decision (D.) 98.04-059.
  • Amendments to rules of the Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure concerning intervenor compensation, can be found in D.06-12-041.

Pending Icomp Requests

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CA State Audit Report

July 2013

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Intervenor Hourly Rate Information

Current Hourly Rate Table (updated monthly)

The Intervenor Compensation Program adopts an annual resolution which establishes processes for setting hourly rates to use in calculating compensation awards, see Resolution ALJ-184.

For decisions addressing guidelines on setting intervenor hourly rates, see

Intervenor Compensation Program
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Ph: (415) 703-5340


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