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National Conference of Regulatory Attorneys 2013 Presentations and Biographies

Session I - Why Regulation is Important

Session II - Pipeline Safety After the San Bruno Disaster and Explosions in Other States

Session III - Recent Developments in Water and the Challenge of Water Contamination

  • Jennifer Clary - Bio

Session IV - FERC Order 1000 and It's Impact on States and Transmission Planning

Session V - Water Recycling: Making Better Use of Available Resources -- Regulatory, Legal and Public Perception Challenges and Opportunities

Session VI - Electricity: How Intelligent is the Smart Grid and Are Ratepayers Getting Their Money's Worth?

  • Eve Moran - Bio
  • Ross Hemphill - Presentation | Milestones and Metrics
  • Dave Erickson - Presentation

Session VII - Telecommunications: The Internet Protocol Transition: Key Legal and Policy Issues

Session VIII - Gas: Consumer Advocacy in an Era of Natural Gas Surplus -- Will Cheap Gas Be Available for the Long Run?

Session IX - Federalism and the FCC's Transformation Order: An Order Merely Transforming the Industry or Substantially Alterting Our Legal Structure?

Session X - Ethics Fables: The High Cost of Not Playing By The Rules

Session XI - The Changing Regulatory Paradigm



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