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Filing a Language Access Complaint
Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission
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Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC)

  • To obtain ETC designation, please follow instructions in this resolution: Resolution T-17002
  • To obtain annual certification as ETC eligible to receive federal high-cost and.or low income support, please follow annual reporting requirements in this resolution:  Resolution T-17002

CPUC Requirements for Filing --

Annual FCC Form 481 Filing

The FCC adopted annual reporting requirements for ETCs – see Part 54.313(i) for high-cost recipients and Part 54.422(c) for low-income recipients.

The Form 481 annual report that is required to be filed with the FCC must be filed concurrently with the CPUC’s Communications Division.  Please provide a hard copy and a compact disc of the reports provided to the FCC.  If these reports are considered confidential by the FCC, you may request confidential treatment of these reports pursuant to Public Utilities Code § 583 and General Order 66-C.

Submit these to:

California Public Utilities Commission

Communications Division/ETC Section

505 Van Ness Avenue

San Francisco, CA 94102



Last Modified: 6/19/2014

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