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California Teleconnect Fund

How can I apply for the CTF discount?

To apply for the CTF discount, first review the summarized Eligibility Requirements and Information to determine if your organization might qualify for the CTF discount.  Then, carefully review the CTF Application and Instructions, which contains detailed eligibility information and instructions.  Finally, complete the CTF Application in full and mail it along with all required supporting documents to the CPUC.


Below are some additional frequently asked questions pertaining to the application process.

What happens if I filed an incomplete application?

  • The CPUC rejects and returns incomplete applications.  An application is considered incomplete if it does not contain all required information and supporting documents.

How can I check the status of my application?

  • The application review process generally takes 30 to 90 days. After reviewing an application, the CPUC sends the applicant an Approval, Deficiency, or Rejection Notification.  These status notifications are delivered via e-mail, as per Administrative Letter No.19.  The CPUC also posts lists of approved applicants.

What happens after my application is reviewed?

  • The CPUC will send the applicant an Approval, Deficiency, or Rejection Notification.  If you receive an Approval Notification, contact your CTF participating service provider  to arrange the discounted services.  Also, give your service provider a copy of your Approval Notification.

What is the effective date of the discount?

  • For a newly approved applicant, the discount begins (retroactively) on the date the CPUC received the application, provided the approved applicant contacts its service provider within 30 days of receiving the Approval Notification.  The date the CPUC received the application is noted as “Date Filed” on the upper right hand corner of the Approval Notification.  If the newly approved applicant contacts its service provider after the 30-day period, the discount begins on the date of contact.

Do I need to reapply if I add new services or change service providers?

  • In both cases, you do not need to re-apply.  Simply inform your CTF participating service provider that you want additional CTF-eligible services.  Or, inform your new CTF participating service provider that you are approved for and want to receive the CTF discount. Also, give your new service provider a copy of your Approval Notification.

Do I need to reapply after I have been approved for several years and has moved or will move to a new location?

  • No.  However, you need to send a letter informing the CPUC staff of your (1) application no; (2) existing or former location; (3) new location; (4) CTF-eligible activities offered to the community; and (5) annual revenues.

Do I need to file a new application for a new branch?

  • Yes.  A new application is required for a new branch.

Who can I contact for application assistance, general questions, presentations and other inquiries?

  • Community based organizations, government-owned hospitals and health clinics can contact at
  • Schools, libraries, and community colleges can contact Irma Cordoba at or (415) 703-2767   

Who should I contact regarding the status of my application after the 90-day application period?


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Last Modified: 11/23/2015

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