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Filing a Language Access Complaint
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Notification of Public Participation Hearings Sponsored by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)


The CPUC held Public Participation Hearings (PPH) to discuss changes to basic telephone service.

Today, basic telephone service includes the following required elements:

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Access to directory assistance, operator, and telephone relay services
  • Access to N11 services, directory listing, white page phone directory, and 800 toll-free services at no charge
  • Access to California LifeLine discounts and information
  • Choice of long distance carrier
  • 900/976 blocking and bill adjustment

Since the CPUC adopted this definition many years ago, basic telephone service has changed with new providers offering consumers other forms of phone service. In response to these changes, the CPUC is considering changing what basic phone service should now include.  We hope that a change in the definition will allow more phone service providers to offer California LifeLine discounts to consumers.

Some of the possible changes could affect how local calls are billed, choices for long distance calling and service quality standards.

The CPUC held Public Participation Hearings (PPH) to discuss the proposed changes for what makes up basic telephone service.

Click here for Proposed Changes to Basic Service Definitions.

Click here for the Public Participation Hearing Schedule.

 Let the CPUC know your views through the methods below:

      Please refer to R.09-06-019 in your written correspondence or e-mail.

All comments will be shared with decision-makers. All e-mails and written correspondence will become part of the formal correspondence file for this proceeding and the public comment record.

A copy of the rulemaking is available from the CPUC’s Central Files Office at 505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA Monday through Friday, 8am to noon or (Click here).


Last Modified: 3/25/2011

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