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818 Public Education Plan

D.08-04-059 ordered a customer education program to explain the concept of an overlay and that that the new dialing procedure will not affect the distinction between local and toll calls or the rates charged for the calls, and the mandatory 1+10-digit dialing procedure.  The education plan’s objective is to maximize public awareness of the change in dialing patterns and area code identification resulting from implementation of the overlay.

PEP educational, outreach, and advertising materials are designed to explain the type of area code change being implemented and the new dialing procedure, identify the region covered by the overlay, and explain that the cost and quality of telephone service will not be adversely affected by the change.  The materials also address the permissive dialing period, the mandatory dialing period, the tasks consumers should do in preparation of the overlay, and the reasons for adding a new area code. 

A complete description of the 818 Public Education Plan is in Attachment A of D.08-04-059.

The Industry PEP implementation committee has developed the following correspondence directed to all telephone customers and to specific types of telecommunications customers to assist the public in the 818 area code to understand the impact of the area code change on themselves as individuals and the necessity to make equipment adjustments to accommodate the change.


Last Modified: 1/28/2009

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