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714 Area Code

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D.07-03-010 and CPUC Proceeding Information

The CPUC approved an all services overlay in D.07-09-025.  Approval of an overlay solution for adding area codes requires a public education plan providing consumer information material to ensure that the public is familiar with the changes in dialing and equipment programming when the new overlay area code is introduced.

The CPUC’s action was prompted by A. 07-03-010, the NAMPA application for a new overlay area code to serve the telephone customers now served by the 714 code.  This application was preceded by public meetings held in Orange County in January 2007.

Earlier CPUC actions on the 714 area code are the 714 area code report issued March 3, 2001 and decisions 99-12-051 and 99-03-058.


Last Modified: 2/22/2008

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