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Area Codes and Numbering

Under the North American Numbering Plan, telephone numbers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean are structured as a three digit area code, a three digit prefix or code and a four digit line number.  Any device requiring interconnection to the public switched telephone network requires an area code, prefix and line number.  Devices requiring interconnection are not limited to telephones but include cars equipped with Onstar, ATM’s, burglar alarms and many other systems that would not be considered a telephone.

An area code is a three-digit number assigned to a geographical area in the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean, used before a seven-digit telephone number when placing a call to, and sometimes from within, that area.  As of October 2012 there are 31 area codes assigned to California.  New area codes are introduced when there are no more three digit prefixes available for assignment.

Area codes are introduced in the form of a geographic split or an overlay.  New area codes introduced in California in the past 5 years are as follows:

Old Area Code Locality New Area Code Effective Date Form
310 Los Angeles County 424 July 26, 2006 Overlay
714 Orange County 657 February 23, 2008 Overlay
818 San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County 747 October 2, 2008 Overlay
760 Far southeastern third of California 442 May 2, 2009 Overlay











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310 Area Code

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Last Modified: 7/10/2015

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