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Jobs in the Energy Division

The California Public Utilities Commission's Energy Division is hiring economists and policy analysts to fill multiple positions at all levels in the job classifications of  Public Utilities Regulatory Analyst (PURA) Level I through Level V, as well as the classification of Utilities Engineer.  Recent graduates, as well as seasoned policy analysts, are encourage to apply for the qualification examinations, and subsequently for any open job position.  These positions assist the Commission in a broad range of policy issues including climate change, utility rates and cost of service, utility rate design and cost allocation, electricity procurement and resource planning, resource adequacy, smart grid, energy efficiency programs, demand response programs, renewable energy and distributed generation programs, low-income energy assistance programs, natural gas procurement and planning, transmission permitting, public purpose program marketing and outreach, distribution and transmission system reliability, and compliance with environmental permitting regulations.  The Energy Division's analysts also provide expert witness testimony to represent the Commission in matters before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The PURA and Utilities Engineer positions offer a monthly salary range commensurate with qualification and experience.  These are State of California civil service positions, which require a civil service qualification exam and placement on an eligibility list prior to applying for specific job openings.  After the examination is taken and graded, a candidate is placed in a rank on an eligibility list.  Candidate who rank sufficiently high on the eligibility lists can apply for specific job postings.

The California Public Utilities Commission regulates privately owned telecommunications, electric, natural gas, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies.  We are responsible for ensuring that customers have safe, reliable utility service at reasonable rates, protecting against fraud, and promoting the health of California's economy.

Interested candidates should thoroughly review the weblinks below.  Remember:  The first step in the CPUC hiring process is to apply to take an eligible examination.  Eligibility remains in place for at least 12 months, so apply for the examination as early as possible.

Step1:  Review the information on the work areas of the CPUC's Energy Division.  This site gives candidates a good indication of the types of work performed by the CPUC's Energy Division.

Step 2:  Review CPUC Jobs pages.  In particular, review the Hiring Process.

Step 3:  Apply for CPUC Civil Service Examination.  The most common positions in the CPUC's Energy Division are Public Utilities Regulatory Analysts (PURA) or Utilities Engineers.  The PURA examinations are currently offered at Levels I, II, III, IV, and V.  In order to apply for an examination, visit the Online Employment Center and click on the Exam Schedule.  Review the Exam Details (also called the Exam Announcement) to check examination prerequisites and see if you qualify for the examination.  To apply for the examination, click Apply Now next to the specific Exam name on the Exam Schedule.

Step 4:  Once you register for an examination, you will be contacted by the CPUC Human Resources department.  You will either be scheduled for the examination or told that you are ineligible for the examination.  Take the CPUC Exam and receive your results.  Hint:  You can apply for and take multiple examinations and receive eligibility at multiple levels or classifications.  Having eligibility on multiple lists gives candidates flexibility in applying for open positions posted at various levels.

Step 5:  Apply for open CPUC Job Posting once on a qualified eligibility list.  Currently open positions here:  Check the open positions regularly as they are updated frequently with new postings.  Your list eligibility will remain in place for at least one year, and you can apply for open positions any time during that year.  If you apply for an Energy Division job bulletin, you job application will be reviewed by the hiring managers in the Energy Division.

Contact for questions about the Human Resources Job Examination, Job Opportunities, and hiring process:

Contacts for questions about specific Energy Division work areas:




Last Modified: 2/19/2013

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