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Utility Annual Reports

CPUC General Order 112-E requires pipeline operators to submit to the CPUC Annual Reports required by Section 191.11 and 191.17 of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 191. 

CPUC PHMSA Certifications

2008 2009 2010 

Alpine Natural Gas


GD2011 Alpine Natural Gas.pdf

GD2010 Alpine Natural Gas.pdf

GD2009 Alpine Natural Gas.pdf

GD2008 Alpine Natural Gas.pdf

GD2007 Alpine Natural Gas.pdf

Central Valley Gas Storage, LLC

Gill Ranch Storage, LLC


GT2011 Gill Ranch Storage LLC.pdf

GT2010 Gill Ranch Storage LLC.pdf

Lodi Gas Storage, LLC


GT2011 Lodi Gas Storage LLC.pdf

GT2010 Lodi Gas Storage LLC.pdf

GT2009 Lodi Gas Storage LLC.pdf

GT2008 Lodi Gas Storage LLC.pdf

GT2007 Lodi Gas Storage LLC.pdf

Pacific Gas & Electric


GD2011 PGE.pdf

GD2010 PGE.pdf

GD2009 PGE.pdf

GD2008 PGE.pdf

GD2007 PGE.pdf


GT2011 PGE.pdf

GT2010 PGE.pdf

GT2009 PGE.pdf

GT2008 PGE.pdf

GT2007 PGE.pdf

San Diego Gas & Electic


GD2011 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GD2010 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GD2009 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GD2008 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GD2007 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf


GT2011 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GT2010 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GT2009 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GT2008 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

GT2007 San Diego Gas Electric.pdf

Southwest Gas Corporation


GD2011 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GD2010 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GD2009 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GD2008 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GD2007 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf


GT2011 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GT2010 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GT2009 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GT2008 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

GT2007 Southwest Gas Corp.pdf

Southern California Gas Company


GD2011 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GD2010 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GD2009 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GD2008 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GD2007 Southern California Gas Co.pdf


GT2011 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GT2010 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GT2009 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GT2008 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

GT2007 Southern California Gas Co.pdf

Southern California Edison


GD2011 Southern California Edison.pdf

GD2010 Southern California Edison.pdf

GD2009 Southern California Edison.pdf

GD2008 Southern California Edison.pdf

GD2007 Southern California Edison.pdf

West Coast Gas Inc.


GD2011 West Coast Gas Co Inc.pdf

GD2010 West Coast Gas Co Inc.pdf

GD2009 West Coast Gas Co Inc.pdf

GD2008 West Coast Gas Co Inc.pdf

GD2007 West Coast Gas Co Inc.pdf

Wild Goose Gas Storage, LLC


GT2011 Wild Goose Storage LLC.pdf

GT2010 Wild Goose Storage LLC.pdf

GT2009 Wild Goose Storage LLC.pdf

GT2008 Wild Goose Storage LLC.pdf

GT2007 Wild Goose Storage LLC.pdf









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