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CPUC General Orders For Rail Crossings

The CPUC Online Documents page has links to additional Commission General Orders, as well as the Public Utilities Code and Commission Rules of Practice & Procedure

Commission General Orders

The following General Orders (GO) may be applicable to rail crossings:

  • GO 26-D: Clearances on railroads and street railroads as to side and overhead structures, parallel tracks and crossings
  • GO 72-B: Construction & Maintenance - Standard types of pavement construction at railroad grade crossings
  • GO 75-D: Warning Devices for at-grade railroad crossings
  • GO 88-B: Alterations of railroad crossings
  • GO 135: Blocking of Crossings  
  • GO 143-B: Design, construction and operation of light rail transit systems
  • GO 145: Railroad crossings to be classified exempt from the mandatory stop requirements of Section 22452 of the Vehicle Code
  • GO 164-D: Regulations governing state safety oversight of rail fixed guideway systems

Public Utilities Code

The following Public Utilities (PU) Code sections may be applicable to rail crossings:

  • PU Code Sections 1201-1205: Public railroad crossings
  • PU Code Sections 7537: Private railroad crossings
  • PU Code Section 99152: Transit

Last Modified: 7/7/2015

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