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California Teleconnect Fund

Which services are eligible for the CTF discount?

The following services qualify for the CTF discount:

  • Measured Business Service Lines
  • Switched 56 Lines
  • ISDN
  • T-1, DS-3 up to and including OC-192 services
  • Internet Access *
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) **
  • Functional equivalents of the above mentioned services***

* The CTF uses the Universal Service Administrative Company’s E-Rate definition of Internet Access, with certain exceptions.  The CTF discount applies to both landline and wireless modalities of Internet Access, including cellular data plans and laptop cards.

** MPLS is eligible when used in conjunction with another CTF-eligible service.

*** Prior to applying the discount, all functional equivalents must be approved by the CTF.  As an example, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is eligible as a functional equivalent to Measured Business Service Lines, and is a service that: (1) enables real-time, two-way voice communications; (2) requires broadband connection from the user's location; (3) requires IP-compatible customer premises equipment; and (4) permits users generally to receive calls that originate on the public switched telephone network and to terminate calls to the public switched network.

Services that receive the CTF discount cannot be sold, resold, transferred or shared with any other non-qualifying entity or person, nor used for purposes other than the intended goals of the California Teleconnect Fund.




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Last Modified: 2/22/2012

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