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Become a Solar Ambassador

The go-to person for solar in your neighborhood

Becoming a Solar Ambassador is simple:  you just welcome your neighbors’ curiosity about your solar system, answer their questions, and above all share your experiences so they know what to expect when they decide to install their own solar system. 

Soon your neighborhood will be a sought-after example of community sustainability.

Choose the sign below that’s right for you, print and post in your window.  (And if you enjoy your creative side, then make up your very own Solar Powered sign and show your solar pride!)



A solar powered home is a welcome sight in any neighborhood -- and your neighbors would love to know how it works for you!

Did you choose energy efficiency and solar PV as options in the design of your new home when you had it built?  Let potential home builders know you did it right from the start.

Green businesses take pride in their role as community leaders.  Your customers want to know they support sustainable business practices.

With new rebates for solar water heating from the California Solar Initiative Thermal program, you can now get hot water powered by the sun!


Last Modified: 10/6/2010

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