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Utilities Safety Branch

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Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch



To conduct effective oversight of the safety and reliability of California's electric, telecommunications and gas infrastructure.


The Commission's Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch (USRB) of the Consumer Protection and Safety Division was established to oversee the safety of electric, communications, natural gas, and propane gas systems. The Branch enforces Commission rules and regulations, investigates and recommends ways to reduce utility related accidents, and advises the Commission on related matters. Since utility safety concerns sometimes transcend state boundaries, the Safety and Reliability Branch may also participate in various national safety oriented organizations.

Office Locations

The Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch has main offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and a field office in Sacramento. The branch is divided into four units.  headed by Senior Utilities Engineers.  Two units and a Program and Project Supervisor take care of natural gas, electric, and propane safety in Southern California while the other two and a second supervisor do the same in Northern California. 


Commission Publications, General Orders, and News Bulletins

Copies of safety related General Orders  (GO128, GO95, GO165, & GO112E), can be obtained on line.  Hard copies of these documents and others can be ordered from our central files office.

A major cause of accidents and interruptions of gas electric and  telephone service is damage to underground pipes and conduits during excavation.  You can now call 811 for a service that will mark the location of underground pipes.  State law  requires you to notify this service two days before starting excavation.

Copies of the USRB annual reports can be downloaded from the Files Download area in PDF format.

The U.S. Department of Transportation  (DOT) publishes guidance manuals for operators of small natural gas and propane systems.



Last Modified: 3/6/2012

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