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2014 Electric Distribution, Transmission, and Substation Audits




Type of Audit

Start Date


San Diego Gas And Electric North County Substation February 3, 2014 SA2014-001
Southern California Edison Palm Springs District Distribution February 3, 2014 EA2014-001
Modesto Irrigation District Modesto Distribution February 10, 2014 EA2014-002
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Los Angeles Metro Substation February 24, 2014 SA2014-002
Pacific Gas And Electric Kern Division Distribution February 24, 2014 EA2014-003
Southern California Edison Ventura County Substation March 10, 2014 SA2014-003
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Central District Distribution March 10, 2014 EA2014-004
Southern California Edison Ventura County Transmission March 17, 2014 TA2014-001
Pacific Gas And Electric Mission Division Distribution March 24, 2014 EA2014-005
Pacific Gas And Electric Sacramento Headquarters Transmission April 1, 2014 TA2014-002
Pacific Gas and Electric Pismo Beach Headquarters Substation April 7, 2014 SA2014-004
San Diego Gas and Electric North Coast District Distribution April 7, 2014 Rescheduled
Southern California Edison Foothill District Distribution April 7, 2014 EA2014-015
City of Roseville Roseville Distribution April 14, 2014 EA2014-007
Southern California Edison Dominguez Hill Distribution April 21, 2014 EA2014-008
NV Energy Lake Tahoe Transmission May 12, 2014 Pending
NV Energy Lake Tahoe Substation May 12, 2014 Pending
Southern California Edison Ventura Distribution May 12, 2014 EA2014-009
Healdsburg Electric Department Healdsburg Distribution May 27, 2014 EA2014-010
Southern California Edison Santa Monica District Distribution *June 9, 2014 EA2014-011
Southern California Edison Redlands District Distribution *December 1, 2014 EA2014-013
Pacific Gas and Electric Humboldt Division Distribution June 9, 2014 EA2014-014
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Northridge District Distribution June 23, 2014 EA2014-016
Southern California Edison Saddleback District Distribution June 23, 2014 EA2014-019
Sacramento Municipal Utility District Sacramento Substation July 14, 2014 SA2014-006
Southern California Edison South Bay District Distribution July 14, 2014 Rescheduled
Pacific Gas and Electric San Francisco Division Distribution July 21, 2014 EA2014-018
PacifiCorp Yreka Transmission August 4, 2014 TA2014-004
PacifiCorp Yreka Substation August 4, 2014 SA2014-007
San Diego Gas and Electric Orange County District Distribution *October 6, 2014 EA2014-020
Vernon Municipal Light Department Vernon Distribution August 18, 2014 EA2014-021
San Diego Gas and Electric Northern San Diego County Transmission August 25, 2014 TA2014-005
Southern California Edison Valencia District Distribution September 8, 2014 EA2014-022
Pacific Gas and Electric North Valley Division Distribution September 8, 2014 EA2014-023
San Diego Gas and Electric Northeast District Distribution *December 8, 2014 EA2014-024
Imperial Irrigation District All Transmission September 29, 2014 Pending
Banning Electric Department Banning Distribution September 29, 2014 EA2014-026
Imperial Irrigation District All Substation October 6, 2014 SA2014-008
Pasadena Water and Power Deprtment Pasadena Distribution October 27, 2014 EA2014-029
Bear Valley Electric Services All Substation November 3, 2014 SA2014-009
Pacific Gas and Electric Sacramento Division Distribution November 3, 2014 EA2014-030
Pacific Gas and Electric East Bay Division Distribution December 8, 2014 EA2014-032
* - Rescheduled




Last Modified: 6/11/2015

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