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Resources & Databases

CPUC Databases


  • EEGA 2006 - Regulated utility energy efficiency program reports for 2006-2008 with savings and budget information.
  • DEER  (Database for Energy Efficient Resources) - Repository for deemed energy efficiency program planning parameters.  To access this website, please login with User Name as "deer" and the Password is "2008" 
  • DEER May 30, 2008 Update for 2009-2011 - Utility Energy Efficiency Portfolio Planning Purposes.  To access this website, please login with User Name as "deer" and the Password is "2008". 
  • Public Document Area - Access Public Documents Area for DEER.  Please register at the website, then subscribe to the DEER Discusssion Topic(s) to be notified of upcoming posting of documents for review and/or comments, and meeting notices."

Non CPUC Resources and Databases


  • Best Practices - Energy Efficiency Best Practices Database (information about benchmarking and best practices for a wide variety of program types) 
  • CALMAC - California Measurement Advisory Council website with process and impact program evaluations available for download.
  • CEC - The California Energy Commission website
  • CEUS - Commercial End Use Survey website 
  • RASS Database - for the California Residential Appliance Saturation Study
  • E3 Calculators - Used to calculate cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency programs
  • US DOE - Department of Energy page on energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • California Climate Change Portal
  • California Green Building Initiative - Information of Efficiciency Benchmarking in California and Executive Order S-20-04 establishing California's priorities for high performance buildings
  • Green California
  • California Climate Action Team and Climate Action Initiative
  • California Climate Registry - A non-profit voluntary registry for Green House Gas emissions
  • Energy Star - Federal Guidelines for energy star certification
  • California Energy Efficiency - A utility administered website with information about utility run energy efficiency programs, resources, and program advisory groups

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