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R. 99-11-022 Overview
& Selected Documents
(SRAC and P.U. Code § 390)

(Revised 01-30-2003)   "By this order [instituting Rulemaking (R.) 99-11-022], we open a proceeding addressing certain issues related to the prices paid to Qualifying Facilities (QFs) for energy and capacity.  Specifically, we address the provisions in Pub. Util. Code § 390  that establish various criteria for basing short run avoided cost (SRAC) energy payments on the Power Exchange (PX) market-clearing price.  We also consider the issue of adjustments for line losses that are made to QF payments.  We will address the issues associated with line losses within this proceeding, but in a separate track through Energy Division (ED) workshops.  We will address all other issues through testimony, formal evidentiary hearings, and workshops, as necessary."  (R.99-11-022, p.1)    "Decision (D.) 99-02-085, ordering paragraph 11, states:  The Coordinating Commissioner for QF issues shall solicit comment from the parties on the scope of an Order Instituting Rulemaking, Order Instituting Investigation, or other appropriate proceeding regarding the issue of transitioning short-run avoided cost energy payments to the clearing price paid by the Power Exchange as identified in Public Utilities Code § 390."  (R.99-11-022, p.2) 

Phase 1 Documents (Selected)

(Alternative Methodologies for Calculating Avoided Cost, With and Without Section 390 are also Discussed), Energy Division, May 1, 2001. 

Reply Comments on Phase 1 PD: October 13, 2000

Comments on Phase 1 Proposed Decision: October 2, 2000

Replies to Responses to July 28th Petition: September 27, 2000

Proposed Decision on Phase 1 Issues : September 5, 2000

ALJ Procedure Ruling for SCE July 28 Petition : September 1, 2000

SCE Emergency Motion re SRAC Posting: August 31, 2000:  Edison filed an emergency motion to revise the SRAC posting beginning September 2000, claiming that the border index was not reflective of actual prices, and warning of irreparable ratepayer harm if the posting was not revised. On October 5, 2000, the Commission denied this motion (D.00-10-030).

Responses to SCE July 28 Petition: August 28, 2000

Responses to PG&E Petition: August 22, 2000

PG&E Petition to Re-Open : August 10, 2000

SCE Petition to Revise Transition Formula (Corrected) : July 28, 2000

ALJ Ruling : June 20, 2000

Phase 1 Reply Briefs: June 14, 2000

Phase 1 Opening Briefs: June 1, 2000

Comparsion Exhibits: April 28, 2000

Hearing Transcripts

Phase 1 ALJ Ruling : March 24, 2000

Phase 1 Rebuttal Testimony: March 6, 2000

Phase 1 Direct Testimony: February 14, 2000

Line Losses Documents (Selected)

Line Losses and Comparison Exhibits Hearing Transcripts: May 11 and 12, 2000

Line Losses Rebuttal Testimony: May 8, 2000

Line Loss Direct Testimony: April 28, 2000

Line Losses Workshop

Parties' January 31, 2000 Pre-Workshop Comments on Line Losses

 For more information on QF issues, see the QF Issues Homepage, or contact Wade McCartney, Energy Division, CPUC at 916-324-9010 or

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