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Natural Gas

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Staff Contact Information on Natural Gas and Petroleum Pipeline Issues at the CPUC

We are happy to answer questions from the public.  If you are sending your email to more than one of us, please include us all in the same email, so we may address your question more quickly.  Press inquiries should be directed to Terrie Prosper at (415) 703-2160.

To discuss or ask question about natural issues or proceedings, please contact:

Energy Division, State and Federal Natural Gas Section

  • Richard Myers (415-703-1228), Supervisor
    • General questions about natural gas issues or proceedings
    • Natural gas advice letters
    • General CPUC policies on natural gas and infrastructure
    • Petroleum pipeline issues
  • Eugene Cadenasso (415-703-1214)
    • PG&E natural gas transmission pipeline costs, rates, services and regulatory issues. 
    • PG&E distribution pipeline cost allocation and rate design
    • Natural gas Public Purpose Program surcharge 
    • Independent natural gas storage provider issues
    • PG&E pipeline safety costs
    • SoCalGas biogas conditioning service
  • Franz Cheng (415-703-1536)
    • CPUC actions at FERC on natural gas
    • Biogas quality specifications
    • Southwest Gas gas costs, rates, services, and regulatory issues 
    • Interstate pipeline capacity 
    • Natural gas research and development
  • Belinda Gatti (415-703-3272)
    • Natural gas commodity market and prices
    • SoCalGas and SDG&E gas costs, rates services, and regulatory issues
    • PG&E distribution pipeline cost of service 
    • SoCalGas/SDG&E gas pipeline safety costs
    • Hedging by gas utilities
  • Kristofer Holz (415-703-1711)
    • Gas utility procurement and procurement rates
    • Core transportation agents/core aggregation
    • Gas Procurement and hedging by electric utilities
    • Greenhouse gas emissions costs for gas utilities
  • Gregory Reisinger (415-703-2868)
    • Petroleum pipeline rates and regulatory issues
    • SoCalGas Southern system reliability

Who should I contact for questions about.....

  • To discuss or ask questions about natural gas line extensions, please contact the Energy Division's Werner Blumer at (415) 703-1421 or
  • To discuss or ask question about natural gas safety, mobile home park safety, please contact the CPUC's Consumer Protection and Safety Division:
    • For gas safety matters other than mobile home or propane, the number to call is (800) 755-1447 or you can file a complaint
    • Mobile home/Propane Safety:  Alok Kumar at (415) 703-1126 or


  • To file a complaint about natural gas utility service or rates, please contact the CPUC at 1-800-649-7570 or file a complaint online.
  • To contact the CPUC's Division of Ratepayer Advocates,  please call (415) 703-1584.

Last Modified: 3/6/2014

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