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Filing a Language Access Complaint
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Direct Access Service Requests (DASRs)


In Decision 97-05-040, the Commission directed California's investor-owned utilities to submit monthly reports to the Director of the Energy Division and to other interested parties regarding their direct access implementation activities. The reports must be filed by the 15th of each month, and shall include the previous month's activities in specific terms.  The DASR reports received to date are as follows in MS-Word 7.0, Excel 7.0, and Rich Text Format (rtf), unless otherwise indicated.

DASR Reports

Thru December '99 

Reporting Period Statewide Market Summary
Current Month
Summary Reports
Dec '99 December99_web ToDateDecember99_web
Nov '99 November99_web ToDateNovember99_web
Oct '99 October99_web ToDateOctober99_web
Sept '99 September99_web ToDateSeptember99_web
Aug '99 August99_web ToDateAugust99_web
July '99 July99_web.xls ToDateJuly99_web.xls
Jun '99 June99_web.xls ToDateJune99_web.xls
May '99 May99_web.xls ToDateMay99_web.xls
Apr '99 April99_web.xls ToDateApril99_web.xls
Mar '99 March99_web.xls ToDateMarch99_web.xls
Feb '99 Feb99_web.xls ToDateFebruary99_web.xls
Jan '99 Jan99_web.xls ToDateJanuary99_web.xls
Dec '98 Dec98_web.xls ToDateDecember98_web.xls
Nov '98 Nov98_web.xls ToDateNovember98_web.xls
Oct '98 October98_web.xls ToDateOctober98_web.xls
Sept '98 September98_web.xls ToDateSeptember98_web.xls
Aug '98 August98_web.xls ToDateAugust98_web.xls
July '98 July98_web.xls ToDateJuly98_web.xls

Month PG&E Edison SDG&E
Jun '98 Summary Files:
   June98.xls     980630-sw.xls
Jun '98 PGE1June98.xls SCE1June98.xls SDGE1June98.xls
May '98 980615-pge.doc 980615-sce.doc 980615-sdge.xls
Apr.'98 Summary
Apr.'98 PGE_May15.rtf SCE051398.rtf SDGE_May15.xls
(Excel 4.0)
Mar.'98 Summary (Revised)
Mar.'98 PGE_Apr98rpt.doc SCE_4-15.rtf DA-SDGE-4-15.XLS
Feb.'98 PGE_March15.doc SCE_March15.doc SDGE_March15.XLS
Jan.'98 PGE_Feb15.doc Edison_Feb15.doc  (Word 106 kb)  SDGE_Feb15.xls   (Excel 21 kb)
Dec.'97 PG&E 01-15-98 Cover Letter & Report   (Word 22 kb)    SCE_01-15-98 Report (Word 28 kb)   SDG&E_01-15-98 Report (Excel 22 kb) 
Nov.'97 PGECover_Dec15  (Word 15 kb) 
PGEData_Dec15   (Word 22 kb) 
SCE_DAIA_Rpt_12-15-97  (Word 25 kb) SDGE_Data_Dec15 (Excel 22 kb) 
Initial Filing PGEcover_Nov15  (Word 20 kb) 
PGE_Data_Nov15   (Word 21 kb) 
SCE_cover_Nov15  (Word 73 kb) 
SCE_Data_Nov15  (Excel  21 kb) 
SDGE_Cover_Nov15  (Word 8 kb)  SDGE_Data_Nov15  (Excel 18 kb) 


Last Modified: 2/2/2009

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