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Filing a Language Access Complaint
Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission
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NOTE: Beyond discussion of basic regulations the CPUC does not give instruction nor advice on how to operate as an ESP. An ESP should monitor the Commission's website, read Commission decisions, and contact an electric industry consultant if necessary. The CPUC does not provide referrals to consultants.



Application Questions

How do I get an application? How do I get a list of providers?

The complete application package can be downloaded from the CPUC web site.   A copy of the registration packet can also be obtained by writing to the following address: California Public Utilities Commission, 505 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102; Attention: Energy Division - Electric Service Provider Registration   The list of currently registered electric service providers can be viewed on the CPUC web page.

How do I get more information about restructuring and rules affecting ESPs?

The CPUC website contains a number of decisions and ALJ rulings regarding electric restructuring and the provisioning of electricity to end-use customers. An ESP should be familiar with the requirements of all of these decisions and rulings. Some of the rules affecting ESPs are found in D.97-05-040, D.97-10-087, D.98-03-072.

How do I find out about Direct Access?

Check the Direct Access Website.  [note:  this website is now defunct.] 

Is there a bonding requirement?

Yes.  See bond information on this web site.  

How long is the registration period? What is the renewal fee?

There is no renewal procedure right now but there will be one in the future. All ESPs will be notified when there is one in effect.

I have heard that there will be changes in the application. How will I find out about this?

Decision 98-03-072 requires all ESPs to complete the new application (available on this web site) by June 24, 1998. 

What does an ESP do after they complete registration?

An ESP must abide by the Commission decisions pertaining to direct access. An ESP must also work in conjunction with other entities such as the local utility distribution company, the power exchange, and scheduling coordinators, as well as with potential customers. An ESP should contact the other entities to determine how the ESP's activities are to be coordinated with these other entities.

How do I contact the Independent System Operator (ISO)?

The Independent System Operator's phone number is (916) 351-4400 and their website is

How do I contact the Power Exchange?

The Power Exchange's phone number is (626) 537-3100 and their website is

How is billing handled?

The ESP should contact the local utility distribution company to discuss billing options. The various billing options are described in D.97-10-087.

Does the CPUC have a listing of Green Energy providers?

Not at this time.  See this CEC web page:

What is an Agent for Service of Process? (Question 12)

An agent for service of process is a person or an entity that can accept service of legal documents. This agent must be located within the state of California. If an individual registers as an electric service provider, that individual becomes the agent for service of process. A partnership, corporation, or limited liability company registering as an electric service provider must have also registered with the California Secretary of State. At the time they register with the Secretary of State, they are required to identify the agent for service of process.

Last Modified: 1/10/2008

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