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Filing a Language Access Complaint
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Important Notice for NDIEC Registrants*

*  Including telephone prepaid debit card providers subject to the registration requirements of PU Code Section 1013.


Rulemaking 09-07-009 has revised the streamlined registration process for applicants seeking Commission authority to operate as Non-Dominant Interexchange Carrier Telephone Corporations (NDIECs) in California.

The new rules and new application form are contained in Decision (D.)10-09-017, issued September 2, 2010.

Starting September 3, 2010, NDIEC registration license applicants must use the new "Application for Registration License" from Attachment C to D.10-09-017.

The new application fee is $250.

Please consult the Rules of Practice and Procedure on requirements for filing your application.



Last Modified: 3/10/2011

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