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 PUC Investigation Leads to Criminal Charges Against Illegal Moving Company Most Reliable Moving Services/GoodFellas

San Francisco, Nov. 30, 2004 - The California Public Utilities Commission's (PUC) Consumer Protection and Safety Division today announced that a staff investigation found that Lisa Ann Winters, owner and president of Most Reliable Moving Services, Inc., doing business as Goodfellas Moving, continued to perform moving services after PUC revocation of its household goods permit on Dec. 4, 2003. On Oct. 26, 2004, the Attorney General's Office filed a misdemeanor complaint in the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach. Winters was charged with 19 counts of Public Utilities Code and two counts of Penal Code violations, including: extortion (2 counts); operated a moving company without a permit (4 counts); failed to file evidence of public liability, cargo and workers' compensation insurance (12 counts); and failed to acknowledge receipt of written claim (3 counts).

Update on Most Reliable Moving Services/Goodfellas Moving Investigation

In a plea agreement with the Attorney General's office, Lisa Ann Winters was fined a total of $2,655 for five counts of violation Public Utilities Code violations (failure to file evidence of public liability, cargo and workers’ compensation insurance coverage, operation without a household goods permit, and failure to acknowledge receipt of written claims). In addition, restitution was ordered to the PUC in the amount of $2,500 and restitution to the consumers in the amount of $11,650. Winters received three years formal probation. Jail time was served and credited to Winters as part of the plea agreement to complete drug rehabilitation.

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