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Plant Outage Inspection

The Electric Generation Safety and Reliability Section (EGSRS) engineers regularly visit power plants and inspect unit(s) involved in a forced or scheduled outage that curtails production capacity by 50 MW or greater.  An onsite inspection allows EGSRS engineers to gain first-hand knowledge of outage activities at a plant.  For outage inspections, a staff engineer follows the procedure below:


  • Check plant status - review daily status report from the Generating Asset Owner (GAO) and real-time outage reports from CAISO’s Scheduling Logging for the ISO of California (SLIC) database.
  • Contact the plant to arrange the inspection date and time.
  • Conduct an onsite inspection – interview plant personnel, find out the cause of the outage and estimated return to service, examine failed parts or equipment, observe repair work, review applicable records or data.
  • Request copies or files of documents, such as operator logs, generator chart, photos of failed parts or equipment, etc.
  • If necessary, follow up to verify that the cause of the outage has been addressed.
  • Write an internal report using the inspection form

Last Modified: 10/9/2013

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