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Amendment of Telco Industry Rules Resolution T-17327

To facilitate opportunities for comment on Advice Letters by interested parties and the public. The Telco Industry Rule 10 will expand the requirements for utilities filing Advice Letters to serve them on:


  • (1) (i.) Any utility or person requesting such notification from the specific utility filing the advice letter, pursuant to General Rule 4.3 and 7.2; (ii.) other persons or entities as directed by the Director of the Communications Division for particular Advice Letters, (iii.) as required by paragraph 2 of this Industry Rule.
  • (2) The Commission will host Advice Letter service lists on the Commission's public web site by means of which persons or entities can request to be served with particular categories of Advice Letters filed by all Telecommunications Carriers in the following categories: (i.) Changes in rates, terms and conditions of service, or initiation of new service; (ii.) Eligible Telecommunications Carrier designation requests; (iii.) General Rate Case filings; (iv.) Facility construction filings; (v.) Negotiated Inter Connection Agreements, pursuant to Industry Rule 8.1 and Contracts for Tariffed Services, pursuant to Industry Rule 8.2; (vi.) any Advice Letter not fitting within the preceding categories.



Last Modified: 2/22/2012

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