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2012 Smart Grid Workshops

January 30 through February 2, 2012

The CPUC held four days of workshops on Smart Grid issues in January and February 2012. Below you'll find the presentations made by attendees.

Workshop 1: The Smart Customer

The first workshop examined the Smart Grid deployment plans from the perspective of “Smart Customer” and whether and how the deployment plans promote customer empowerment and engagement.

Panel 1: The Utility Role vs. Third-Party Role in Customer Awareness, Enablement and Engagement

Panel 2: Identify Potential Customer Concerns Related to Smart Grid Participation and Acceptance and Ways to Manage Them

Panel 3: Bifurcate Utility Customer Engagement and Awareness to Create a Near-Term Roadmap That Is More Specific and a Longer-Term Plan That Should Be Detailed Over Time

Workshop 2: The Smart Market

The second workshop examined the Smart Grid deployment plan from the perspective of “Smart Market” and whether the deployment plans provide the information needed to promote advanced market responses including distributed generation, rooftop solar, and demand response.

CPUC Presentations:

Panel 1: Identification of Key Markets Dependent on Smart Grid Solutions and the Role That the Utility Should Play in Supporting These Markets

Panel 2: Discussion of Key Enablers to Market Development and Growth, such as Access to Data, Standards and Transparency in Processes

Panel 3: Discussion on How Well the Deployment Plans Address Market Enablement as Specific to Electric Vehicles

Panel 4: Explore Whether the CPUC Should Set a ‘Demarcation Point’ that Delineates the Role of Utilities vs. Third-Parties

Workshop 3: The Smart Utility

The third workshop examined the Smart Grid deployment plans from the perspective of “Smart Utility” and the new capabilities that the plans will provide to the utility to provide secure and reliable service.

Day 1

Panel 1: Comparison of “Foundational Infrastructure” Across Utilities and Discussion of the Best Way to Standardize the Definition Across the Three Deployment Plans

Panel 2: Comparison of Utility “Project Roadmaps” and Discussion of How the “Project Roadmaps” Can Be Standardized Across the Three Deployment Plans

Panel 3: Deep Dive into How Smart Grid Technologies Can Facilitate Integration of Distributed Generation Resources

Panel 4: Deep Dive into How Smart Grid Technologies Support Grid Reliability and Resiliency Goals, Including a Discussion of Reasonable Expectations

Day 2

Panel 1: Discussion of the Role of Workforce Enablement and Organizational Change in Smart Grid

Panel 2: Discuss the Role of Standards in Smart Grid Deployments and Utility Involvement in Standard Development


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