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Rulemaking to Conduct a Comprehensive Examination of the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) (R.13-01-010)

This Rulemaking was issued by the CPUC on January 31, 2013, to examine whether the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) is fulfilling its purpose and whether the CTF’s current structure and administrative process are adequate to further the programs goals.  The CPUC also reaffirmed its commitment to bringing the benefits of advanced communications services to all Californians, while also ensuring that California ratepayer money is spent prudently.

Rulemaking Status Update

The Commission adopted new rules for the California Teleconnect Fund on July 23, 2015. Decision D.15-07-007 outlines these new rules, which are summarized in the decision’s Ordering Paragraphs. The new rules for applications will be put into practice after the Commission adopts new administrative procedures for the CTF program. Until the new administrative procedures are adopted, staff will review new Teleconnect Fund applications under the rules prior to D.15-07-007. You can follow the progress of the rulemaking at the CPUC Proceedings website. (Search under “Proceeding Number Search” and enter R1301010, click on the “Search” button, and then click on the Documents tab.) The Scoping Memo, when available, for the next phase of the Order Instituting Rulemaking for R-13-01-010 will be posted there. It will list the administrative issues to be addressed and the schedule. Staff will advise Teleconnect Fund participants when the new administrative procedures have been adopted.

Proceeding Information


Please note the following information and Workshop Agenda regarding the up-coming Phase II Workshop in R.13-01-010, the California Teleconnect Fund Rulemaking:

The Workshop to present and discuss the Communications Division’s Staff Proposal and the Parties’ Proposal  will take place on March 10, 2014 at the CPUC San Francisco Headquarters, 505 Van Ness Avenue, Courtyard Room, San Francisco, CA 94102 commencing at 10:00 am and concluding at 4:30.  The Courtyard Room is located on the ground floor with an entrance outside of the CPUC building in the courtyard, to the right if you are facing the entrance to lobby of the CPUC building.  There will be a sign on the front door indicating that the CTF Workshop will be held inside.  If you cannot find us, enter the lobby and security will direct you further.

Parties who cannot attend in person will be able to hear the workshop in listen-only mode via internet Webex connection (with projected slides visible by computer) or by telephone as follows:

Webex Information:

1. Go to

2. Type in the Meeting Number:     744 025 397

3. Type in the Passcode:           teleconnect
3. Choose "Conference" and click proceed
4. First time users, click on "New Users" to check your system and download the software. Then go back to Join Net Conference page.
5. Enter your name
6. Agree to the terms and conditions and click proceed


Conference Line Information:

USA Toll Free Number: 877-347-9604

Participant Passcode: 771069

I will facilitate the Workshop.  We will begin promptly at 10:00 so please plan to arrive a few minutes early to get settled.   As you know, the purpose of the workshop is to provide an opportunity for CD Staff and Parties to present their proposals and receive initial feedback from the participants.  Our goal is to promote a clear understanding of the material, allow presenters to answer questions and hear from each other, have an opportunity for a give and take exchange in a workshop and to the extent possible, begin to identify areas of agreement between some or all of the Parties in attendance.   All Parties are invited to attend and participate.  No presentations will be added to the agenda on the day of the workshop.  Only Parties that have served Workshop Presentations on all Parties on the February 21, 2014 deadline will be presenting materials on the agenda.

The agenda is attached.  We will adhere closely to the timing set out in the agenda.  The Panel organization is primarily a general category grouping of Parties’ interests in this proceeding and the need for time management.  The workshop format will allow each entity to make an oral presentation of their previously-served presentations and allow time for questions, answers and other feedback.


We will have your presentations ready for projection in the workshop room and on the Webex connection.  If you have any changes to your presentation, please bring your presentation on a flash drive for us to use on the day of the workshop in place of your original presentation materials. Bring extra paper copies as well for those in attendance in the room.

Please contact me by e-mail with any further questions at

 Phase II Workshop Presentations    




Note that comments may be submitted via this webpage by Community Based Organizations and others who are not formal Parties to this proceeding but would like their comments considered.  

Please submit your comments on the due date set for Comments and Reply Comments below.

An electronic input form will be available on this webpage prior to the first deadline.

Parties’ Phase II Proposals filed and served

February 14, 2014


Workshop Presentations by CD Staff and the Parties served


February 21, 2014

Phase II Workshop Presentations Posted to the CTF Website


March 3, 2014

Phase II Workshop

March 10, 2014


Staff Workshop Summary served

March 24, 2014


Staff Proposal Update

April 30, 2014


Phase II Issues Comments (Staff Proposal, Parties’ Proposals and Other Phase II Issues)


June 30, 2014

Phase II Issues Reply Comments


July 15, 2014





Last Modified: 9/4/2015

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