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Agenda ITEM 32 – December 6, 2007
Omnibus Proceeding

Statement of Commissioner Timothy Simon
December 6, 2007



I support this proposed decision because it effectively balances the need to resolve the differences between SoCalGas, SDG&E, and SCE and at the same time, recognizes that there is not a strong enough record to make prudent decisions on all of the contentious issues.  This proposed decision defers many important issues pertaining to natural gas infrastructure to the Biannual Cost Allocation Proceeding, which the utilities will file 60 days after this proposed decision is approved. 

The Biannual Cost Allocation Proceeding (BCAP) will provide an open and transparent public process that will include all parties and allow them the opportunity to develop a robust record to further the goal’s of this Commission’s natural gas policy.  I thank the President’s office and ALJ Pulsifer for working diligently to ensure a timely resolution of this case that included input from all the Commissioners.  For these reasons, I support Item 32.


Last Modified: 12/7/2007

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