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General Order 165 Reports

Inspection and Maintenance Standards


Decisions 96-11-021 and 97-03-070 establish inspection cycles and record-keeping requirements for utility distribution equipment, which are contained in General Order 165. In general, utilities must patrol (walk, drive, or fly by) their systems once a year (in urban areas and high fire threat areas in Southern California) or once every two years (in rural areas). Utilities must conduct detailed inspections every 3-5 years, depending on the type of equipment. For detailed inspections, utilities' records must specify the condition of inspected equipment, any problems found, and a scheduled date for corrective action. Starting with July 1, 1998, the utility must submit an annual report summarizing inspections made, equipment condition observed, and repairs made. Utilities are required to make intrusive inspections of power poles (including taking samples for analysis) every 10 years (if not previously inspected) or every 20 years.


Reports are available for the years listed below:


Last Modified: 11/7/2014

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