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Filing a Language Access Complaint
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Incident and Complaint Investigation

Incident Investigations

Commission Resolution E-4184 requires utilities to report electric incidents (incidents involving electric facilities), which meet specific criteria (incidents involving fatalities, injuries, significant property damages), to the Commission within two hours of their occurrence.  ESRB investigates these incidents to determine compliance with the Commission’s rules and regulations, and to determine how such incidents could be prevented from future occurrences.   ESRB issues an investigation report for each incident reported and investigated by the Commission. 


Electric Incidents Overview



Customer Inquiries and Complaints


Customer, who have safety and reliability related issue can contact ESRB to help resolve the issue.  ESRB investigates all customer complaints to ensure that the Utility or Communication Infrastructure Provider is following all applicable laws. 


Additionally, ESRB answers calls from customers and other governmental agencies concerning the requirements for overhead and underground electric and communication facilities. 


Customer Inquiries and Complaints Overview


ESRB Contacts for Inquiries and Complaints


Last Modified: 6/3/2015

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