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Database of Energy Efficiency Resources (DEER) Stakeholder Workshop

Thank you to all the parties and participants for attending the DEER Updates workshop and for all the comments and inputs.

Documents and materials on DEER 2013 Updates have been posted on New information will be posted as they become available on

The informal post-workshop commenting period will start on July 17, 2013 and end on August 15, 2013 for a 3 week period. Please post your follow-up comments, concerns, and issues with regards to the DEER updates at

Go to the Search tab on the above website and type in “DEER 2013 and 2014 Updates Workshop Commenting” into the Search Text box to find the document for commenting.

Feel free to email Aaron Lu at with any questions.

On July 17, 2013, the CPUC will hold a workshop to present the DEER 2013 and DEER 2014 update process and present an initial draft of the DEER 2013 update. This initial workshop will focus on the latest research available and proposed methodologies to use for the DEER2013 and DEER2014 updates, specifically:

  • DEER2013 mid-cycle updates will incorporate the codes and standards, including the California Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations, the California Title 24 Building Efficiency Standards, and the United States Code of Federal Regulations, that become effective in January 2014 and will be applied to the 2013-14 portfolio cycle. Changes to weather input assumptions for the simulation models will also be included in the mid-cycle updates.
  • DEER2014 updates will be apply to the post-2014 portfolio, beginning in 2015, and will tentatively include measure cost updates, saturation and baseline studies, measure use profile updates, and any Evaluation, Measurement, & Verification study results available within the schedule.


DEER Workshop Agenda


DEER 2013 Update Draft


DEER 2014 Update Draft


DEER 2013 - Presentation


DEER 2014 - Presentation


Last Modified: 9/16/2013

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