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System Safety and Security in Ratemaking

The CPUC is working on multiple fronts to implement the recommendations of the Independent Review Panel and the National Transportation Safety Board.  As part of this effort, the CPUC is establishing a stakeholder process to solicit ideas and proposals to reform the way safety is considered in the CPUC’s ratemaking procedures.  In particular, the CPUC is seeking to consider the barriers to the CPUC’s handling safety effectively in its ratemaking processes.

In order to begin this process, the CPUC held a workshop on Jan. 11, 2012, to discuss a straw proposal that proposes various approaches to improve the CPUC’s ratemaking process to prioritize safety initiatives.

On March 5, 2012, the CPUC's Executive Director called on PG&E to provide shareholder funds for the CPUC to hire a set of independent consultants to review PG&E's safety and security proposals related to generation,  the electric system, and the gas systems as part of PG&E's 2014 General Rate Case. Read the letter.


Last Modified: 3/6/2012

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