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PG&E June 30, 2011, Letter to the CPUC on Class Location Designation

The CPUC has received a letter from Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in response to a directive from the CPUC’s Executive Director for the company to perform a system-wide study to confirm the correct "class location designation" for each of its natural gas transmission lines and determine if the classification had changed since the last designation.  The "class" of a pipeline is based on the density of population surrounding the pipeline, and under Federal regulations pipelines located in more populated areas must operate with a higher safety margin. PG&E’s letter reports, among other things, that certain pipelines were not operating according to these federal regulations because PG&E failed to update their class designations in recent years.

Regarding PG&E's findings, the CPUC’s Executive Director, Paul Clanon, said, “We hope we’re nearing the end of the revelations about PG&E’s poor safety efforts. This is a serious failure with serious safety repercussions. PG&E faces another investigation and more potential fines. How PG&E reacts to this discovery now and in the weeks ahead is a chance to show us and the public that it’s a new company and operating safely is its first priority.”


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